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DUROTOP KS - Surface hardener premix of increased abrasion resistance - A1,5


DUROTOP KS is an increased corundum contained, ready-to-use dry shake hardener. It is a combination of factory premixed, assorted hardening particles, additives, cement and coloring pigments. Designed for increasing the abrasion resistance of freshly laid monolith concrete floors, cement based estrichs.

AREAS OF USE – DUROTOP KS               


  • floors with extreme requisition requirements
  • smelteries, metal processing plants
  • workshops for metal, rubber track driven machinery
  • logistic centers, high-bay warehouses
  • heavy load floors
  • exceptional abrasion resistance
  • shock resistance
  • oil resistance
  • dust free
  • easy to clean
  • wide range of colors


DUROTOP is designed to construct outdoor and indoor floors, which are prone to extreme heavy duty utilization. Its use significantly increases the treated floor’s lifespan.

Available in 15 different colors. In case of special requirements, additional colors are also available. DUROTOP KS is available in standard and in PLUS variations.


  • Very hard surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Dust free
  • Oil resistant, but oils can cause stains on the surface
  • Non-slippery
  • Homogeneous, shiny surface
  • Can be used in food processing plants
  • Non flammable


  • Abrasion resistance by EN 13892-3:
    Böhme = 1,1 cm³/50 cm²
  • EU Abrasion classification: A1,5
  • Compressive strength: ≥70 N/mm² after 28 days
  • Flexural strength: ≥7 N/mm² after 28 days
  • Hardness by MOHS scale: 8-9


The installation of DUROTOP KS is carried out simultaneously with the laying of the new concrete surface, which assures the perfect binding between the concrete and the dry shake hardener. Material consumption highly depends on the color. For further
information refer to our Design guide.

Manual spreading (dry–to–wet )

The fresh, step resistant concrete should be prepolished to ensure that moisture comes up to the surface. Then the specified amount of DUROTOP KS hardener should be spread evenly onto the surface in two to three layers. The spreading process can be carried out by either a manual spreading cart or by a shovel.

Using a spreader machine (dr y–to –wet )

After levelling the surface with a Laser Screed, DUROTOP KS should be spread directly on to the fresh concrete in one or two layers.

Slurry application (wet–to–wet)

For slurry application, only DUROTOP KS PLUS version can be used. DUROTOP KS PLUS should be blended with water on the jobsite (4 liters/sack) and be spread on the step resistant floor after pre-polishing process.


Manual spreading: 4-6 kg/m2   2-3mm
Machine spreading: 4-10 kg/m2   2-5mm
Slurry application: 10-18 kg/m2   5-9mm

DUROTOP KS floor Finishing Process
This part of the DUROTOP KS installation process is done by either hand trowels and/or by double disc power trowel machines until the surface becomes smooth, hard and shiny. The quality of the floor can only be ensured, if the installation instructions are followed properly. (Please read our detailed Installation guide.)

CURING – After Care

DUROTOP KS floors need to be protected against quick evaporation that may result in cracking. DUROCURING and DUROSEAL are curing agents that can be used for this purpose.


To make saw cuts, we suggest to use DUROCUT blades. Until a final close of saw cuts, DUROPLAST PVC joint profile strips will protect the edges of saw cuts. DUROFLEX PU joint sealant and DUROFOAM
rolls are for permanent joint filling.


Before the use of the new floor can begin, the following drying periods and precautions must be obeyed:
Pedestrian traffic: 2 days.
Light traffic: 7 days.
Intended normal traffic: 28 days.
For cleaning purposes, use only Ph neutral detergents. (Please, refer to our Maintenance guide.) In case of colored floors maintenance is very important. We suggest to treat the floor with LIQUIDUR product. When polished, it gives a permanently shiny surface.


In bags of 25 kg on 1200 kg capacity pallets.


The shelf life of DUROTOP KS is 12 months, when stored in dry and non-frost, cool conditions.

This product description is based on laboratory tests and on the results of our own experiences. Material consumption and installation process can be influenced by additional circumstances of the application process as well. The contractor responsible for the application should verify our prepositions by a preliminary test and ensure that the conditions of the installation are ideal. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by defective installation. For security measures, please ask us for the product safety data sheet.

You can find detailed information about PLUS on the 34. page (Design guide).



Safety datasheet

Declaration of Performance

Color card