Industrial flooring systems

DUROSEAL - Solvent-based curing liquid


DUROSEAL is a ready to use impregnating, surface curing liquid, which provides an outstanding protection for the fresh concrete as well as for the dry shake hardener treated industrial floors against drying. It can also be utilized for impregnating stone coatings.


  • Industrial floors
  • Colored surfaces
  • Monolith concretes
  • External and internal concrete surfaces
  • Cement mortars, plasters


  • Homogeneous, shiny surface
  • Easy application
  • Stops surface porosity
  • Ensures proper and even drying process
  • Reduces cracking
  • Can be used on smooth and uneven surfaces
  • Non-colored liquid with aroma odor
  • Density: 0.85


DUROSEAL is a ready to use product and must not be thinned with solvents. DUROSEAL needs to be applied with a sprayer or roller. In case of surface hardened industrial floors, avoid using it on too wet surfaces. Sprayer cleaning: with synthetic thinner. First time use: 6 hours at 20°C and 12 hours at 5°C.


DUROSEAL material requirement depends on weather circumstances and the porosity of the concrete surface. In general, for 1m² surface 80-100 gr. curing liquid should be applied. Avoid overdosing, because it creates a waxlike layer, which is hard to remove from the concrete surface.

When starting to use the floor, DUROSEAL can wear off quickly from the surface. In case of large areas, it can occur dust formation for a shorter period. To avoid it, clean the surface with a special detergent. For more information contact us.


200 liter drums and 20 liter jerry cans.


Can be stored up to 24 months in a cool, dry environment, if the original, unopened packaging remains. Frost safe.


It contains volatile, flammable solvents. Use in well ventilated areas. Smoking and open flames are prohibited in the application environment. Use fans and activated carbon cartridge respirator mask inside a room. Remember that the solvent is heavier than the air, so it descends down. For more information ask for the product safety data sheet.


Declaration of performance

Safety datasheet