Industrial flooring systems

CONECTO DT40 rebar tying gun


5 times faster than manual tying. Makes ties in less than 1sec. per tie with consistent tie strength. High speed tying saves you time and money.

Technical properties:

Type: Conecto DT40
Battery: 18 V (LI-ON)
Weight: 2,60 kg
Dimensions (l*wz*h): 285 x 100 x 296mm            
Thickness of : 40 mm
Type of wire: 0,8 mm vastag, horganyzott

Ties per coil:
cca. 160 (double wrap)
cca. 120 (triple wrap)

Ties / battery charges:
5.500 (double wrapl)
4.500 (triple wrap)

Lenght of wire / ties:
600 mm (double wrap)
780 mm (triple wrap)


Conecto DT40 data sheet