Industrial flooring systems


Durostone Ltd. is a dominant player since 15 years on the industrial floor market. The company is owned at 100% by Hungarian private persons

In 2007. Durostone Ltd. built a new production plant in the form of greenfield investment. Last year more than 1 million square meters industrial floor were hardened by Durostone dry-shakes.

The quality of our dry-shake hardeners are approved by ÉMI, and fulfill the relevant EU standards. Our production is continuously controlled by ÉMI

During the 2009 Construma exhibition - in recognition of the high quality of our products – EMI authorized our company to use EMI Quality Sign for the following products: Durostone, Durotop, Durocolor, and POLIMIX.

Our company was the first to produce dry-shake hardeners in Hungary. Local production allows more flexibility and greater cost efficiency. In our warehouse located in Sóskút, we have a permanent stock of standard products. In case of non-standard products our delivery term is 3-4 days.

The quality of industrial floors is - from design to execution - influenced by many factors. With our experience we try to advice our customers from the design phase until the end of application. When needed, we give technical assistance to assure the final quality of the floor.

Our products are well known on foreign markets as well. The base of our market position and our future development is the constant product development. By the help of our foreign partnership we try to present the latest technologies to our partners.

The growth of our business since the foundation is organic. An increasingly important part of our production is sold abroad. Today, we are present in several countries from the Baltic through Russia to the Balkans.

Our goal is - while maintaining our position in Hungary, - to continue to strengthen and broaden our presence in foreign markets.