Industrial flooring systems

DUROCOLOR Terrazzo - Decorative surface hardener premix


DUROCOLOR Terrazzo is a pigmented, filled with special colored aggregates, ready to use dry shake hardener for aesthetic floor construction. DUROCOLOR Terrazzo is a factory premixed cementitious drymix mortar, which contains graded, high hardness grind, additives and color aggregates.


  • salons, showrooms
  • restaurants
  • public institutions
  • industrial facilities of high aesthetic requirements


  • wide range of colors, a variety of unique look
  • aesthetic, shiny surface
  • dust-proof, easy to clean
  • durable, wear resistant


DUROCOLOR Terrazzo is a special developed product to meet clients’ decorative requirement. Various harmonious color combination of shiny and sparkling surfaces can be made of it. In addition to six standard versions, further color combinations can also be available.


  • compressive strength: 70 N/mm² at 28 days
  • flexural strength: 7 N/mm² at 28 days
  • abrasion resistance: A6 (EN 13892-3)
  • granulometry: 0-5 mm
  • density: 2400 kg/m³
  • material consumption: 12-30 kg/m²
  • layer thickness: between 6-15 mm

white, anthracite, ivory, tobacco, red, green

white, black, green, red, yellow


The DUROCOLOR Terrazzo must be applied to walk-on, fresh concrete. Before applying the concrete finishing machine, the surface should be roughened with brooming for the best possible grip. Before any application on old concrete surface ask for more detailed information!

Making DUROCOLOR Terrazzo mortar can be done with a concrete mixer. For larger implementations a mixer pump (for ex. Estrich Boy) is recommended. One bag of DUROCOLOR Terrazzo should be mixed with 4-5 liters of water. The mortar should be mixed until a completely smooth, dense, homogeneous mass is obtained. Avoid water over-feeding, because it may cause cracks in the surface or segregation, that can degrade the quality of the floor.

The DUROCOLOR Terrazzo of right consistency should be uniformly applied to the concrete. In case of a layer thicker than 5-6 mm, a guiding strip should be used to ensure a uniform thickness, and to achieve a good planimetry. After the curing process starts, the surface should be compacted and finished with a finishing machine. The finishing should be started with full disk. In areas where the power smoothing is not possible, the surface should be hand fi nished. It is important that power finishing must be stopped before the surface would start to burn.


Grinding of DUROCOLOR Terrazzo surface can be started after 5-7 days from application with an appropriate machine (p.ex. HTC, Blastrac). It can arrive, that after polishing air bubbles in DUROCOLOR Terrazzo will appear as tiny holes on the surface. These holes can be filled with DUROCOLOR Filler material. This fine dry-mortar (of the same color) should be mixed with water and
should be moved on the surface to eliminate the holes. Before the fi nal polishing the surface should be treated with LIQUIDUR liquid hardener. As an extra protection, it is recommended to apply a lacquer coating to give more shine and water-tightness to the surface.
The above description contains only general directions of use, does not cover every detail. Application can only be made by experienced, professional contractor.


In bags of 25 kg.


The shelf life of the product is 12 months, when stored in dry, non-frost and cool conditions.

This product description is based on laboratory tests and on the results of our own experiences. Material consumption and installation process can be influenced by additional circumstances of the application process as well. The contractor responsible for the application should verify our prepositions by a preliminary test and ensure that the conditions of the installation are ideal. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by defective installation. For security measures, please ask us for the product safety data sheet.